Some folks have had questions about our new bus cards and the fare boxes. Here are some questions and answers to quell your curiosity. Also, check out the new farebox brochure online here.

Questions for RFTA about the new Value Card System

1. On each fare box there is a place to wave a pass in front of.  Do you wave the zone pass here? No. This is a future option for wave passes that require a microchip and viagra price are more expensive in terms of their production and distribution. We are using the magnetic strip cards right now.

2. Can you reload 30 day and 20/40 value cards? No, currently you cannot. We are confident that they are sturdy enough for their current purposes but re-loadable cards would probably have to be made entirely of plastic.

3. Do you have to wait 15 minutes between uses for both the 30 day and the 20/40 value cards? Only for the 30 day passes. Previously these 30 day passes required a photo, in an effort to make these passes more convenient we did away with this. However, they are still intended for one person. The 20/40 bus cards can be used by multiple people and there is no waiting period between uses.

4. Do you need to activate both the 30 day and 20/40 value cards through the slider? Only on the 30 day passes. This activation is so that the machine can put and date and time on your first use. You then have 30 days to use the rest. This way your use is not tied to a calendar month.

5. Can 20/40 value cards be used for multiple riders? Yes. This is a great way for a family to take a trip to the slopes, or a group of friends who plan on drinking to stay safe at a discount.

6. Are value cards now sensitive to magnets? Not that we have observed. Think credit card strips rather than hotel card key strips. They are pretty hardy.

7. If magnetic strip is damaged, how can the pass be read? Is there a way to retrieve this information? There is no way to retrieve the info but in most cases this will be okay. Each time you use your 20/40 card it prints the remainder on the back so you can just show this to the driver and you’re good. For the 30 day cards you initial date and time is printed on the card and it will be honored for 30 days after this first use, so you would be fine in that instance as well.

8. Will the bus driver still accept cash fares? Yes, always. These new fare boxes do a good job with your bills and coins. Just uncrumple them and try and make them a kind of smooth.

9. When will the fare box keep the pass? When it’s damaged? Out of money? Expired? They never keep the pass. The machines aren’t designed that way. If the pass is damaged it will reject it or not accept it so just talk to the driver. If the card is out of money, the machine will tell you. If your pass is expired it will print “Expired” and tell you.

10. Are these passes waterproof? They have a plastic coating but are not impermeable to the rigors of being in the snow all day. So try and keep them sort of protected.