Going Green -You can do it!

Going Green is something we hear so much about nearly everywhere we set foot. As consumers we all know by now the wonders of reusable shopping bags, toting our own drinking vessels for coffee, water and the like. While it might be second nature to pack our bags and carry our thermoses, for most of us jumping in our cars for transportation is as natural as breathing. We here at RFTA would like to help you

change that quirk, we’d love it if instead of using your SUV to drive around our beautiful valley you would substitute the bus for getting from hither to yon.

It’s not just folks at RFTA who are envisioning a world filled with fuller buses and emptier highways, transit companies and earth lovers across the nation feel very much the same. Below are a couple of links offering well written, informative articles to help persuade you to leave your car at home and hop on the bus. Enjoy!

As the national average for a gallon of gas edges closer to $4-a-gallon consumers have cut back on their driving, reports The NPD Group, a leading market research company. NPD s motor fuels research shows that consumers have cut back on their gas purchases from a year ago, which means they are driving less….Click here to read the rest of this article.

It’s a rarely acknowledged transformational shift that’s been going on under the noses of marketers for as long as 15 years: The

automobile, once a rite of passage for American youth, is becoming less relevant to a growing number of people under 30. And that could have broad implications for marketers in industries far beyond insurance, gasoline and retail. This article contiues to shed some very interesting light on the transportation needs of our youngest drivers, or non-drivers in this case. Click here for more.

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