Free bus pass!

The gas pump continues to be a high priced stop right now. Late last week our valley

boasted gas prices of a staggering 62 cents more per gallon than the national average for self-pumped gas. Currently, Aspen’s prices hover around $4.29 per gallon, the mid-valley prices are about $4.03 per gallon and Glenwood stations are listed at approximately $3.99 per gallon.

One way to beat the gas blues is

to buy a RFTA punch pass and take the bus for your daily commute. Leave the driving to us, sit back and relax on your way to work.   Even better, today we are giving away one RFTA 20 punch bus pass to the first person to reply on our blog! Yes, indeed. Leave us a comment about what you think of our new blog, be sure to include your contact information and that pass is all yours!