Bonedale Bike Week

The Roaring Fork Valley is host to a plethora of bike trails, of both the road and mountain variety. Carbondale in particular boasts a dedicated population of bike riders. It’s not uncommon to see the diehards out in the depths of winter sporting studded tires to battle the snow and ice. In the summer those same devotees can

be seen toting a wide variety of trailers and baskets for children and groceries.

This week those same riders are celebrated during Bonedale Bike Week. RFTA has had the opportunity to host a table at the morning events on 4th and Main Street where we handed out doughnuts, fruit and lots of schwag. It was good, clean fun and we look forward to doing it again on Thursday.

Take a gander below at some of today’s images and click on the images for more detail. Please

join us on Thursday morning at 7 a.m. for even more Bike week fun!