5 Simple Steps to an Easy Commute

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The key to commuting on a RFTA bus is to be prepared and aware. Commuting by bus can be confusing; here are some simple steps to improving your commute.

1. Know your schedule and know the bus schedule. If you want to be 5-10 minutes early to your destination, taking an earlier bus is always a good idea in case any unexpected occurrences happen on the road. Try to be at your bus stop at least 5-10 minutes before the scheduled bus arrival time. If you need information on the schedules please call 970.925.8484 or visit www.rfta.com.


2.  MYRFTA.com is a website that we have created just for you! This website tracks the exact location of your bus and informs you of the actual estimated time of arrival of the bus to your stop. All RFTA buses have GPS locators that connect and serve this website allowing you to access this information from your mobile device or computer. This information is also displayed at BRT-VelociRFTA stations on the real-time arrival signs. Try it out: www.myrfta.com


3. Fare Ready – Make sure to have your bus fare ready when the bus is arriving. Remember, buying preloaded tickets is the fastest way to board the bus, these are available at RFTA outlets such as Rubey Park and most local city markets, and in addition there are Ticket Vending Machines at VelociRFTA BRT stations that offer you up to 26% discount. For more information visit the RFTA Tickets and Passes page 


4. BRT could be your fastest option — The VelociRFTA BRT service is the quickest route up and down the valley, this will get you to the main stops along Highway 82 from Glenwood Springs to Aspen. Taking the BRT can reduce your commute time and get you to your destination quickly. For More information on BRT routes click here 


5. Keep yourself entertained while commuting. Reading a book, newspaper, catching up on emails, whatever you want to do to keep yourself entertained will make your commute much faster. You will be there in no time. There are many bus stops in our valley that have newspaper stands with free local newspapers.


For more information check out our RFTA Riders Guide

Thank you for riding!