A Guide to Night Commuting with RFTA


When the sun goes down, the temperature drops and the blue skies turn into black skies; if you are a late commuter here are some tips to remember when riding the bus at night.

Some of our stations have sensor lights that turn on when they sense movement. This let’s the bus driver know if someone is waiting at the stop at night. If you are at one of these stations make sure the light stays on as long as you are there.


However, some of our bus stops do not have light sensors. When you are at one of these stops, make sure to spot your bus as it approaches.


Once you see your bus is approaching, wave it down with the reflective paddle attached to the bus stop/shelter. The reflective paddle shines when the headlights hit the it. This signals the bus driver that there is someone at the stop.

IMG_0271Be alert to your surroundings! Make yourself be noticed when walking to the bus stop or to your destination. Visibility is always limited at night. Wear reflective or light colored clothing and carry a flashlight.

IMG_0249Check out myrfta.com, because it’s the closest thing to a best friend. Behold, the “awesomeness” of myrfta.com, this website tracks all of RFTA’s buses in live time, providing you with updated information of when your bus will arrive at your stop. This could lessen the time you wait for the bus in the dark.


Please pay attention to where you are going, it might be hard to distinguish where your bus stop is at night. The head sign on the front of the bus describes where the approaching bus is headed. IMG_0265

Respect your fellow riders. At night, some rider’s day might have just ended from a long shift at work and yours might have just started; so be courteous and respect your fellow night commuters.

Know when the last bus is leaving from and to your destination! Be aware that at night certain routes and times change, this could affect your commute.

Please plan your trip accordingly to these changes. Schedules are available online at www.rfta.com or your can call Rubey Park Transit Center at 970.925.8484 .

Useful things to carry in your pocket/backpack/purse:

Exact fare for the bus/bus passes (a must)


Reflective bands


Bus Schedules

Pepper Spray