3 Essential Winter Weather Tips for RFTA Riders

If you plan to take RFTA during snowy or icy weather, here are some tips to help you out.

Winter Storm1. Brush up on where to get current weather information.

Conditions can change quickly here in our valley. Before you leave, get the latest updates on snow routes, road delays, and accidents.

  • Get the latest Pitkin County Alerts at http://www.pitkinalert.org/. You can sign up for text messages, emails, and direct messages to keep you updated on current conditions, warnings, and more!
  • Check local TV and radio stations. Aspen 82 and Aspen Public Radio are two of the best options.
  • Follow @rfta on Twitter to receive general alerts and conditions.
  • Call Rubey Park Transit Center at 970-925-8484.
  • Sign up to receive RFTA’s e-newsletter here.

2. MyRFTA Transit Tracker will predict bus arrival times.

MyRFTA.com is your best source for updated arrival information for selected bus routes. If you are reading the MyRFTA transit tracker from your mobile smart phone, select the Text Only version, this will enable it to load more quickly and efficiently on your phone. A note about delays: If a bus is delayed due to an unusual event (such as a reroute, incident, or equipment problem), the arrival predictions may remain the same or may even increase for that bus.

3. Dress warmly and expect delays.

Road conditions affect all traffic, so buses may experience significant delays. Buses may not arrive on schedule but will still arrive. To be safe, always dress warm, and make sure you’re visible when it’s dark out. Most often on snowy/icy days the buses are packed with passengers, be prepared for busy commutes and be patient to fellow passengers and drivers.